Flexible embedded
lending infrastructure

Lendflow allows you to quickly embed financial products into your software to increase engagement, improve retention, and become a source of capital for your business users. Get up in running in minutes at no cost.

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We partner with vertical SaaS companies across all industries to launch embedded lending features

Connected Ecosystem

A fully integrated lending platform

We bring everything together that’s required to launch an embedded SMB lending program and connect your users with the capital they need to grow. Lendflow’s powers lending programs for software for construction, home services companies, ecommerce, restaurants, transportation, fitness and everything in between.

We provide access to a wide range of financial products, including term loans, lines of credit, and invoice factoring to cover businesses of all sizes and credit risk.

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Developer Friendly

Integrate access to capital with a variety of easy to use technologies

Simply embed a pre-made and customizable form and your program is live - it really is that easy!

Or leverage our API to build the form directly into your UI/UX

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Embedded technologies

Integrate access to capital in under five minutes

Extensive API

Create a deeper immersive experience into your platform


Advanced, real-time notifications of offers and terms


We take the data security and protection of our clients very seriously

Why Lendflow

A partner-focused approach to embedded lending

White-label everything

Maintain your brand identity by customizing the UI and color scheme to match the look and feel of your product dashboard or landing page.

Custom branded widget
Integrated email communication
Dedicated funding advisors

Aligned Incentives

Unlock a new revenue stream while simultaneously improving your metrics by providing new value to your customers.

Aquire more customers
Increase loyalty
Earn commissions

Tools to Scale

Our goal is to grow with you and we give you all the tools you need to evolve your lending program and even launch your own credit products.

Flexible integration options
Program metrics and visibility
Detailed data and insights
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Build Value

Capture more value from your users

The most ambitious software platforms are using embedded capital programs to acquire new customers, increase engagement, and generate incremental revenue

Your customers need capital

Your users are already accessing capital from other sourcing, likely spending hours shopping around

Provide a premier experience

Bring the service in-house and create a smoother process built into your platform’s workflow

Zero marginal cost

You are in a unique position to offer access to capital to an existing user base with minimal expense

Acquire more users
Custom branded widget
Integrated email communication
Dedicated funding advisors
Increase loyalty

Integrated access to capital will increase engagement within your platmform

Another layer of stickiness is created allowing you to drive repeat business while helping your customers grow


earn up to 3% of the value of loans extended to your customers

$100k loan =
$3,000 for your business

No capital risk

Our network of best-in-class lenders take the financial risk of funding your customers

No back office required

We take care of underwriting, origination, servicing, collections, reporting, and compliance

Better coverage

Each application is seen by multiple lenders with varying degrees of risk tolerance and specializations

More accepted offers

When lenders compete for your customer’s business, they get offers they’re more likely to accept

Easy to get started

This isn't your typical integration that eats up developer time - insert a snippet of code and you’re done

Lendflow is free

Provide dozens of credit products through dozens of lenders for free - we get paid when you do

Become a source of capital for your customers

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