Lendflow is changing the way businesses access capital

We are a technology company building financing infrastructure for software and platform providers and their SMB customers. Businesses of all shapes and sizes can now access the credit products they need to grow and flourish - all from within the software or services they already use to manage their business.


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Connected Ecosystem

Changing the lending industry for everyone

Technology developed in the past 10 years has paved the way for increased decentralization and modularization have made it possible for non traditional players to offer services that once were only available through very large organizations.  

Airbnb changed the hospitality world, Uber changed transportation, Stripe changed payments - all by taking advantage of the recent evolution of various technologies. Lendflow has done the same for the SMB alternative lending space.

Leveraging APIs, iframes, machine learning and more we are able to offer a unique lending and financing solution that provides a more efficient experience for all parties involved.

Commitment to integrity

Lendflow is changing how lending and financing is perceived through our commitment to honesty, transparency, and fairness.

Vetting our Lenders

We are not a open marketplace and take extra precautions to ensure that the lenders we work with are not engaged in nefarious activities or predatory behavior that has been rampant in the industry.


Borrowers on our platform receive a clear and honest picture of their offers. We ensure that our lenders are providing clear terms, are not hiding fees, and that no surprises happen throughout the entire experience.

Fair Rates

Because lenders are competing with one another in a transparent environment we ensure that the borrowers receive the best possible rates and terms for their given situation and risk profile.

Connected Ecosystem

Human service backed by technology

Our experienced and savvy funding advisors are the heart of our business while our technology ensures everything runs smoothly.

Customer service

Lendflow recognizes it is crucial to have a balance between technology and human intervention.  Beware of “Lending as a Service” providers who don't have experienced sales/human support.

Lender negotiation

The application, underwriting, and loan placement can all be optimized through technology.  However, there is a human component that cannot be ignored.  We have the experienced financing and support staff necessary to negotiate with lenders on the behalf of your customers and ensure a smooth and efficient workflow

Growing with our partners

Our entire business model is built on partnerships and we’re constantly evolving to uncover new opportunities together


We are continuously adding to our technology stack to bring new efficiencies to our process, incorporate new integration functionality, and build out custom use cases for our partners.

Our growing list of APIs allows us to leverage 3rd party services and layer them into our system.


Our growing network of lenders offer credit products that meet the specific needs of all types of companies and industries.

We work closely with them to discover new and innovative solutions that push the frontier and unlock new opportunities for our partners and their customers.

Culture of adventure and exploration

Personal growth and team diversification are at the core of who we are and how we continue to discover new opportunities

Join the rocket ship

Come work with us

We are a group of curious and adventurous technology pioneers, ready to usher in the next era of financial products and services. We are hyper-focused on innovation and believe in working hard while having fun!

With a diverse team collaborating all over the new world, we welcome fresh perspectives from people with diverse backgrounds to create incredible technology experiences.

Every new team member offers an opportunity to view something through a different lens and every day an opportunity to be curious and learn something new.

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